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Climate Change and Human Mobility on Africa
Dialogue for a strategic cooperation between Italy and Africa
International Conference towards the G8 Summit
Rome, Italy, 21 April 2009

Environmental Changes and Migration in the Sahel: An Exploratory Note  
Aderanti Adepoju, Human Resources Development Centre, Lagos, Nigeria                      


Changement Climatique et Mobilité Humaine en Afrique : Dialogue pour une    
Coopération Stratégique entre l’Italie et l’Afrique
Philippe Boncour, Chef de la Division Dialogue International sur la Migration, Point Focal Migrations et Changement Climatique, Organisation Internationale pour les Migrations (OIM)  


Climate Change: Africa Perspective    
Balgis Osman-Elasha, Higher Council for Environment and Natural Resources, Sudan  


Importance and Stakes of Conservation Biodiversity and Implications for Local Populations  
Inogwabini Bila-Isia, Waters and Swampy forests of the Lac Tumba Landscape, Democratic  Republic of Congo


Global Change in Africa: Vulnerability and Sustainability,   
Gianfranco Bologna, Scientific director, WWF, Italia  


The Connections Between Environmental Vulnerability & Mobility,  
Mbareck Diop, Chair, Advisory Board, The Climate Change Adaptation in Africa Program, Senegal  


A Look at the Intricacies of Climate Change and Human Mobility in Africa  
Richard S. Odingo, Vice Chairman, Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC)  


Thinking Societies’ Relation to Environment and Climate in Africa:  
Sustainability, Development, Migrations & Conflicts;
Marco Zupi, Scientific Director, CeSPI  


La tragédie du Sahel et la mobilité des populations du Nord Est du Mali,
Isaie Dougnon, Université de Bamako, Mali


Environmental change and human mobility: a thematic literature and organisational review
Battistina Cugusi and Marta Piccarozzi, CeSPI