The project


The Human Rights Observatory deals with the interweaving of human rights and international politics along three lines of research and intervention.

The first aspect is the analysis of international mechanisms for the protection of human rights and their functioning in Italy. In this perspective, it analyzes the reports produced by various international organizations, including the Courts and NGOs, on the situation of human rights in Italy, focusing on the indivisibility of human rights (civil and social).

It assesses the quality of existing legislation and institutional mechanisms, their compliance with international conventions and obligations signed by Italy, and formulates proposals for reform.

The second aspect concerns Italy's commitment to a stronger protection of human rights in international society. In this context, it deals with the promotion of human rights abroad by Italy, both through the action of the government and parliamentary diplomacy, and through the training network for economic, social and cultural cooperation initiatives.

The third aspect is the dissemination of a human rights culture and the development of specific professional competencies through in-depth initiatives, dissemination and training, in cooperation with civil society organizations and an international network of universities and research centers.





The Observatory produces research and information materials. Below you can browse and download them for free.

Coordinator of the Human Rights Observatory
Michele Nicoletti
Professor of Political Philosophy at the University of Trento and Visiting fellow at several foreign universities. His research interests focus on the interweaving of ethics, anthropology and political theory. Director of the scientific journal Politica e Religione [Politics and Religion] and Annuario di Teologia politica [Yearbook of Political Theology]. From January to June 2018 he was President of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe.


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