Interdisciplinary competencies, deep and up to date knowledge , together with a wide and unique network - which brings together professionals, scholars, operators and policy makers in Italy and throughout the world - allow CeSPI to structure advanced training courses.
In addition to the events in the calendar, it is possible to arrange for, an all the topics CeSPI deals with, classroom or distance learning solutions, with modules and custom made to suit the requirements of Public Administrations, Enterprises, Associations and single operators interested in gaining knowledge, competencies and contacts to better work within a global context.
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CeSPI has been able to develop various innovative methodologies - qualitative, quantitative and in combination - for the evaluation of projects, programs and policies, thanks to its well established experience in strategic evaluation of development and poverty reduction measures.
These methodologies, aimed to both socio-economic actors and public policy-makers, represent a flexible tool for conducting comparative analysis of the various actions and for valuating the efficacy of public policies, so to allow capitalization of what has been achieved and to formulate recommendations for the future.
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