A system of observatories that monitors and analyzes the dynamics affecting nations and continents and the main global issues: human rights, security, integration.

The Human Rights Observatory deals with the interweaving of human rights and international politics along three lines of research and intervention. The first aspect is the analysis of international mechanisms for the protection of human rights and their functioning in Italy.

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The Mediterranean and Middle East Observatory was born from the idea of providing analysis and content on the main events that animate the region, with particular attention to the issues of democratization, regime change and transformation of society, highlighting specifically the role of women and the new generations who have mobilized in recent protests.

In addition, the observatory aims to involve researchers, analysts and experts in this area, with a view to enriching the analysis and creating a shared space.


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Un’analisi comparata a livello internazionale sulla diffusione della pandemia e sulle cause di minore o maggiore diffusione, come anche sull’efficacia delle diverse misure politiche adottate. Anche laddove le statistiche fossero più standardizzate di quanto non siano oggi (neanche all’interno dell’Ue), le variabili in gioco da prendere in considerazione sono numerose e con effetti multipli di interazioni che differiscono probabilmente a seconda del contesto specifico. Tutto ciò appare a maggior ragione complicato nel bel mezzo della pandemia.



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The National Observatory on Unaccompanied Foreign Minors aims to create a shared space to monitor and strengthen the application of Law 47/2017 and the process of inclusion of MSNAs on the Italian territory within a system approach.


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The Observatory stems from the need to fill the cognitive gap that unfortunately persists in Italy and Europe about this country of strategic importance, due to its geographical location and its importance as a key player on the international scene.

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The Observatory intends to provide a tool for constant and organic analysis and monitoring of the phenomenon of the financial inclusion of migrants in our country, as a necessary condition to promote the integration process. It provides operators and institutions with knowledge and interaction tools, in order to allow them to identify and define integrated strategies for its strengthening and expansion.

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