Daniele Frigeri

Daniele Frigeri

Scientific Director
Marco Zupi

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Daniele Frigeri
Antonio Armellini
Dario Arrigotti
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Raffaella Coletti
Donato Di Santo
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Scientific Committee

Alessandro Albano
Gian Maria Ajani
Luca Bader
Claudio Cappon
Maurizio Caprara
Daniela Carosio
Gianfranco Cattai 
Giuseppe Cucchi
Luigi Dante
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Michele Valensise
Vladimiro Zagrebelsky
Rodolfo Zich


Board of Auditors
Massimiliano Massimiliani (President)
Assunta Conte

Linda Lopis

Organizational structure

Organization and administration
Barbara De Benedictis
Lorenza Dellabianca
Emanuela Di Belardino



Research Associates

  • Director

    Since 2014 Director of CeSPI and of the National Observatory on the Financial Inclusion of Migrants, member of the Italian Working Group on Remittances (at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation - MAECI). BA (Honours) of Banking, Finance and Insurance Sciences (Catholic University of Milan).

  • Scientific Director

    Full Professor of International Political Economy and Development Studies (Bac Ha, Hanoi). BA & MA (Honours) in Economics and Political Science (Sapienza, Rome), graduate diploma and master degrees in Applied Econometrics (University of Essex), MPhil courses in International Economics (Tor Vergata, Rome), a PhD in Development Economics (University of Roskilde).

  • Researcher in gender studies, vulnerability, migrations and Islam. Doctorate in Contemporary Anthropology (Bicocca, University of Milan). Master degree in International Politics and Cooperation (Lateran University, Rome) and Anthropology (EHESS, Paris).

  • Researcher in environment, social inclusion, and migrations for projects in Latin-America and Italy. BA in Sociology and master degree in Cooperation and Development planning (Sapienza, University of Rome). He collaborates with various third sector entities.

  • Irene Carbone

    Collaborates with CeSPI in research activities on migration issues, particularly on reception, protection and inclusion of unaccompanied foreign minors. Degree in Oriental Languages and Civilizations, Arabic/Persian curriculum (Sapienza, Rome), Master in Oriental Languages and Cultures (IULM, Rome).

  • Sebastiano Ceschi

    Senior Researcher in the field of international migrations. For CeSPI, he deals with transnationalism, co-development, migrants integration and reception. He has a doctorate in cultural anthropology (L'Orientale, University of Naples).

  • Dario Conato

    Area Coordinator

    Area Coordinator, he deals with local development, cooperation, migrations, training and evaluation. BA (Honours) of Economy and Statistics (Sapienza, University of Rome). He has coordinated international projects in Latin-America and Middle East.

  • Doctor's degree of Economic Geography, temporary research associate for Sapienza, University of Rome. She collaborates with CeSPI on decentralised and territorial cooperation, with particular focus on the Mediterranean Region.

  • Lorenzo Coslovi

    Since 2003, researcher at CeSPI on irregular migrations, asylum, policies for diaspora. BA (Honours) of Modern Languages (University of Bologna), master degree of inter-Mediterranean mediation (Ca' Foscari, University of Venice). He speaks English, French, Spanish and Arabic.

  • Since 2003, researcher at CeSPI on territorial cooperation, macro-regions, EU foreign policies. First Class Honours in Political Science (LUISS, University of Rome), master degree (College of Europe, Bruges), PhD of Geography and Environment (University of Geneva).

  • Marco de Bernardo

    Researcher in environmental sustainability, postcolonial ecocriticism in Africa and Caribbean. BA in Modern Foreign Languages and Literature (Sapienza, University of Rome) and doctorate in English language and Literature (Sapienza, Rome and L'Orientale, Naples).

  • Senior researcher at CeSPI since 2006 on financial inclusion, remittances, migrations and development, migrants associations, capacity building, Western Africa, evaluation of migrants' projects, returns. European PhD (Bicocca, University of Milan).

  • Since 2007, he collaborates with CeSPI, expert on migrants' financial behaviours and on the interaction among migratory project, integration in the destination country and evolution of financial needs. Doctorate of Development Economics (Sapienza, University of Rome).

  • Turkey Observatory Scientific director

    She obtained her Ph.D. at Catholic University in Milano. Since 2009 she has been active in Turkey where she has served as academic in Istanbul, Gaziantep and Ankara.  As expert of Turkey she contributes to media and think tanks and she engages in high-level strategic meetings.

  • Giorgio Gomel

    Mediterranean and Middle East Observatory Coordinator

    Economist, former Head of Research and International relations at the Bank of Italy, was educated in Political Science at the University of Torino and in Economics at Columbia university, New York. He has been a member of international committees in the economic and financial arena within the G7, G20, EU and IMF.

  • Sara Hassan

    Since 2008, he collaborates with CeSPI on rural development, family farming and impact evaluation of complex development programmes. BA (Honours) of Development Cooperation and master degree of Project Cycle Management (Sapienza , University of Rome).

  • Aurora Ianni

    She collaborates with CeSPI on the issues of reception policies in Italy. Degree in Oriental Languages and Civilizations, Arabic curriculum (La Sapienza), Master in International Protection of Human Rights (Sapienza).

  • He collaborates with CeSPI in the editing, content preparation and promotion of the Mondòpoli portal. In 2019 he graduated in Languages Cultures and Societies of Asia and Mediterranean Africa (Ca' Foscari-Venice) and in 2021 he obtained a master's degree in Oriental Languages and Cultures (IULM).

  • Graduated in Law at La Sapienza University, she collaborates with CeSPI on human rights and regional and national protection systems. She supports CeSPI's planning activities in Latin America.

  • Erika Marcheggiani

    She collaborates with CeSPI carrying out research and geopolitical analysis on MENA area and on women empowerment. Master degree in Oriental Languages and Civilizations, Arabic curriculum (La Sapienza), Master in Oriental Languages and Cultures, MiLCO (IULM).

  • Alberto Mazzali

    Since 1998, he collaborates with CeSPI on analysis of cooperation policies and on evaluation methodologies. BA (Honours) of Political Science, with a specialisation in Political Economics, and of Modern Foreign Languages and Literature.

  • Area Coordinator

    Area Coordinator, focal point for the network Wise Cities. Doctorate of Urban European Studies, master degree of Development Economy (IUSS, University of Pavia), B.A. degree with honours (University of Bologna).

  • Silvia Napolitano

    She deals with human development, social protection and international migrations. She takes part in international cooperation projects, mainly in Western Africa. Doctorate of Economy, Environment and Development (Roma Tre University).

  • Michele Nicoletti

    Coordinator of the Human Rights Observatory

    Professor of Political Philosophy at the University of Trento and Visiting fellow at several foreign universities. His research interests focus on the interweaving of ethics, anthropology and political theory. Director of the scientific journal Politica e Religione [Politics and Religion] and Annuario di Teologia politica [Yearbook of Political Theology]. From January to June 2018 he was President of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe.

  • Mauro Pace

    He has been collaborating with CeSPI since 2018 on issues related to migration, poverty and development. Extensive UN experience in the field of food security and humanitarian interventions. Training in statistics and management of non-profit organizations.

  • Veronica Padoan

    Researcher on labor market and migration flows. She collaborates with CeSPI since 2016. She holds a degree in Political Science (Sapienza, Rome) and a master's degree on Immigrants and Refugees (Sapienza, Rome). She collaborates with several research institutes and organizations.

  • Rocco Pezzillo

    He collaborates with CeSPI in the field of remittances and financial inclusion, coordinating the data collectors, dealing with the terms and conditions of sending remittances and collecting field data. BA (Honours) of Development Cooperation (Sapienza, University of Rome).

  • Andrea Stocchiero

    Coordinatore di area

    Research Coordinator on Italian end European policies and on migrations, social cohesion and territorial cooperation at the borders between Europe, Mediterranean and the western Balkans. Master Degree's Professor.

  • Nadia Versari

    Researcher on Economic Development. First Class Honours of Economics and Trade (LUISS, University of Rome), First Class B.A. Honours (Sapienza, University of Rome), Master degree in International Trade for Sustainable Development (IFOA, Reggio Emilia).