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The National Observatory on Unaccompanied Foreign Minors [Minori stranieri non accompagnati, MSNAs] aims to create a shared space to monitor and strengthen the application of Law 47/2017 and the process of inclusion of MSNAs on the Italian territory within a system approach.

The initiative has the following specific objectives:

  • providing a national reference framework on the state of reception and integration of MSNAs present on the Italian territory in all its phases, with reference to the different areas of protection provided for by law;
  • mapping the reception and inclusion projects and the evolution of primary and secondary legislation;
  • supporting and strengthening a systemic action, through the involvement and integration of all the actors involved in different capacities;
  • collecting and disseminating good practices currently available on the Italian territory, helping to define shared standards in the procedures and methods for implementation of Law 47/217 (Legge Zampa).

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