Taccuino Latinoamericano is born

4 June 2024
Federico Nastasi

Dear Readers,

I am delighted to present the first issue of the "Latin American Notebook," a new publication from Centro Studi di Politica Internazionale – CeSPI ETS. CeSPI has always been dedicated to this region of the world through research, analysis, and debate. In 2023, we decided to enhance this commitment by launching the Observatory on Latin America and Caribbean, to which we now add the "Taccuino latinoamericano". This monthly publication aims to provide you with an up-to-date window on the economic, social, and political dynamics in the region.

This is a new and experimental product designed for anyone interested in or connected to Latin America and the Caribbean. It will evolve over time, thanks to the contributions from you, our readers. We encourage you to interact with us (by writing to taccuinolatinoamericano@cespi.it) to help us make it more tailored to your needs. Thus, this first issue is just a prototype, a first step in an ongoing process.

Taccuino latinoamericano offers a comprehensive overview of the main news from Latin America and the Caribbean, with data, facts, in-depth analyses, specific focuses on politics, economy, and social issues, highlights of the most interesting events and publications, interviews, and thematic issues.

The Taccuino aims to be an information and analysis tool, bridging journalism and social research. It seeks to fill an existing gap in Italy and support those who, in various capacities, work to strengthen Italian-Latin American relations.

A special thanks to ENEL, which has supported this project from the beginning.

This publication is curated by Federico Nastasi, senior researcher at CeSPI and independent journalist. Federico has been a consultant for the United Nations at ECLAC and has cooperation experience with the European Union in Central America. He holds a Ph.D. in Economics from La Sapienza University of Rome and writes about politics and social transformations in the Latin American region, collaborating with L’Espresso, Il Manifesto, and Radio 24, among others.

Enjoy reading!

Daniele Frigeri - Director of CeSPI