Brief and Analyses

ICMPD Migration Outlook 2022 Western Balkans & Turkey

27 March 2022

The International Center for Migration Policy Development has published the Migration Outlook 2022 for the Western Balkans and Turkey.

As regards Turkey, the contraction of human rights in Afghanistan and the negative consequences of the pandemic on the country’s economy, could lead to an increase in Afghan displaced persons and a consequent increase in the migratory flow from the Region to Turkey. At the same time, the severe economic recession experienced by Turkey in recent years will continue to have an effect throughout 2022, aggravating the conditions of the more than 4 million migrants and refugees currently hosted in the country in terms of economic integration and strictness of immigration legislation.

It is likely that the migration issue will be at the heart of relations between the European Union and Turkey in 2022. In this sense, the European Union’s support for the Turkish migration crisis will be of fundamental importance for the course of the events.