Tunisia's Quest for Democracy: Unfinished Domestic Revolution and Regional Geopolitical Entanglements

Silvia Colombo
In the framework of the IAI-ECFR-CeSPI project “Ten Years into the Protests in the Middle East and North Africa. Dynamics of Mobilisation in a Complex (Geo)Political Environment and the Role of the European Union”

Tunisia is at a crossroads following President Kaïs Saïed’s moves that risk endangering the country’s decade-long trajectory towards democratisation. Tunisia’s long, complex and still open-ended experience with popular mobilisation allows to capture several aspects related to the composition, claims and strategies of the protesters, on the one hand, and to the authorities’ responses and the interferences and pressures of external players, on the other hand. Furthermore, when conceptually distinguishing between democratic transition and consolidation, the importance of addressing socioeconomic issues early on during the democratic transition phase in order to prevent them from endangering democratic consolidation emerges forcefully from a policy perspective

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