International Doctoral School on the SDGs

Started in 2017


A consortium consisting of 45 academic and doctoral schools from 30 countries in the Global South

with the Italian partner and convener (CeSPI ETS)

and three linked PhD Programs offering a wide variety of research themes, related to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), on:

  • International Relations, Political and Social Sciences (Rome Tre University)
  • Engineering, Energetics and Sustainability (CIRPS, Interuniversity Research Centre for Sustainable Development)
  • Economics & Statistics (Salerno University)

A challenging international initiative with PHD candidates granted with research scholarships of 9 months with individual mentoring.

A very simple idea.

A network to link several academic graduate and PhD programs that already exist in (for now) 30  African, Asian and Latina American countries.

Just a South-South connection through which important research fields, relevant to the SDGs agenda, are in-depth studied in an international dialogue, exchanging ideas and results. A practical way to develop a community of young researchers, a process of mutual learning by straightening links among them.

A enormous potential for partnership.

A network connecting relevant partners from Asia, Africa and Latin America. The spirit of a joint doctoral school, a concrete support to qualified researchers, but also an extraordinary potential to strengthen international links and to create bridges that can be valuable in implementing new joint research-actions projects related to specific SDGs.

The Doctoral School is affiliated with the e-Journal of Economics and Complexity, where the PhD candidates will publish their final research and other contributions from network partners.

History of the International Doctoral School on the SDGs 


Scientific director of the School and Coordinator of the Network: Prof. Marco Zupi

Tutor: Mrs. Rosangela Cossidente





With the support of:

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Informazioni sul corso: 
Since the 2017/2018 academic year, the International Doctoral School on Sustainable Development Goals has hosted 39 researchers from different backgrounds (economics, political science, demography, education science, anthropology, social sciences).

Since 2020, the school has been conducting distance learning using the e-learning platform on CeSPI's website.