Project Foundations for Africa - BURKINA FASO

Petra Mezzetti / Anna Ferro
Financed and promoted by ACRI

The Project's objective is to contribute to the full implementation of the right to food in Burkina Faso, improving the quality of life and nutrition of rural people and supporting the national strategy for poverty reduction.

Particularly, the right to food should be ensured for 60.000 people in Burkina Faso, building, at the same time, a new cooperation-oriented culture between the Northern and Southern Hemisphere.

Within this project, CeSPI is responsible for reinforcing and supporting the role and competencies of the Burkinabe diaspora in Italy with actions in support of and for the development of the country of origin and within integration projects in Italy.

The long-standing project has been realized in partnership with organisations operating on the Italian territory and in Africa, ACRA-CCS, CISV, LVIA, MANI TESE, Slow Food Foundations for Biodiversity, with the involvement of 27 Burkinabe migrants associations (Fabi, Burkina Faso Federation of Associations in Italy).