Monitoring and accreditation of the system for the reception of refugees and asylum seekers

Daniele Frigeri
Financed by the Ministry of Internal Affairs through the Asylum, Migration and Integration Fund (AMIF)

In partnership with CLES, IRS, CNR and Codici, CeSPI has won a call for tender made by the Ministry of Internal Affairs (Department of civil liberties and immigration), by presenting a project proposal to provide scientific support to the Observatory, originated within the Ministry.

The project will realize , for the Observatory, some guidelines in order to set up an accreditation and monitoring system, which will have to be implemented on the first and and second reception (including minors) in a participatory model applicable throughout the Italian territory.

This project is meant to: measure up to good practices implemented both in Italy and abroad; carry out activities for the improvement of the Prefectures' capacity-building to enforce the created monitoring system, thus adding value to what has already been achieved at local and national level.