Migratory flows and cooperation paths

Sebastiano Ceschi

The book deals with the complex and current topic of the migrants' trans-national actions as a resource for development processes in the countries of origin and for the cooperative interchange among various territories linked by migrations.

The work originates from the authors' participation to one of the most relevant and complex cooperation programme carried out with migrants in Italy, the initiative Foundations 4 Africa-Senegal and it presents an alternation of papers related to the project's activities and wider scope contributions.

Some co-development-related crucial issues are addressed:

  • remittances, micro-finance and local development;
  • improvement and collaboration with migrants' associations;
  • "ethnic" food;
  • trans-national entrepreneurship;
  • women's role;
  • return to the countries of origin;
  • the policies of those Countries toward their diasporas.

The book aims at stimulating the debate and thought on these topics, still scarcely developed in Italy, by presenting papers that can be of interest to those who work within the field, but also to less experienced readers that are interested in the connection between migrations, development and Senegalese migrations.

Migratory flows and cooperation paths
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