Migrant/refugee survey, Qualitative data collection

Sebastiano Ceschi
financed by the World Bank

In connection with the Quantitative Survey, the project has studied in-depth and broadened the analysis with interviews and focus groups with migrants from various African countries of origin, specifically the first nine nationalities landed in 2016.

The main researched topics are:

  • quality of life in the countries of origin;
  • the reasons and means for departure;
  • mobility and passage corridors until arrival to Italy;
  • presence in reception centres and future expectations.

Talks and interviews have also been conducted with the contractors and operators within the system of reception centres.

The objectives are:

  • collecting and analysing quali-quantitative data meant to contribute to orienting debate and decision-making policies responses for the socio-economical integration of asylum seekers and migrants in the countries of destination;
  • stimulating thoughts on how to encourage the efforts for improving the conditions in the countries of origin (in some cases of passage), in loco, so to reduce the migratory flows.

The study has been conducted by multidisciplinary and multilingual teams in reception centres in Lombardy and Latium.