Italy and multilateral cooperation

Marco Zupi
Self-financed - International Politics Observatory.

This line of research, which has been active for years, focuses on Italy's influence in the various multilateral organizations, particularly in the UN system.

The objective, by extending the analysis to IFIs, is to study in-depth the strategic directions that can contribute to orienting the country's most effective placement within the re-definition of topical priorities and ongoing actions in the international governance system, particularly in relation to the debate within the leading group on innovative development finance

The study is also based on a comparative analysis, from which to extrapolate indications about the strategic direction and Italy's specific interests, particularly:

  • innovative financing for agriculture;
  • food security and nutrition;
  • innovative contributions in relation to debt swaps;
  • blending mechanisms;
  • sustainable development financing supporting the Green Economy.

In 2017 the activity is focused on thoughts, opportunities and on the possible realization of innovative financial tools for development able to combine multilateral and bilateral aspects, both public and private (blending and matching mechanisms).