FOURTH REPORT - Observaory on the migrats' finanacial inclusion

Daniele Frigeri
Project co-financed by the Ministry of Interior - European Fund for the integration Third Country nationals

In the 2015 edition, the Report highlighted the crisis impact on migrants in terms unemployment rate increase, up by 6% despite a better performance of the migrants' activity rate compared to the natives. Nevertheless, the examined sample showed higher levels of income (generally accompanied by more advanced stages of the socio-economic integration process ).

Furthermore, the percentage of migrants reserving part of the income to savings and is interested in all of the financial products (savings, credit, investments and payment services) was increased compared to the previous edition. Empirical data clearly showed the relation between remaining in Italy and a greater working and housing stability, in addition to greater personal and domestic financial means.

The evolution over time of the migrants' financial profile provides important indications to improve the understanding of the pillars over which the financial inclusion process is developing. The emerging picture shows an increase evolved profiles, from 16% of bank account holders in 2009 to 34% in 2014.

Particular attention is given to immigrated entrepreneurship, which appears to be less affected by the crisis.

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