Energy transition, international projection and opportunities for India's strategic relations with Italy and Europe

Marco Zupi (ed.)

India and the EU/Italy have been economically and politically intertwined for years, but current opportunities indicate the increasing benefits of bilateral relations. Indian-backed global initiatives focusing on climate change and security have been ambitious and successful, but are being held back by key challenges, such as poverty, inequality, and health problems.

This paper explores the importance of India’s goals to decarbonize transport with alternative fuels and focus on a more sustainable energy mix to meet the sustainability standards of the future. However, due to the rise of China, the Indian Ocean and the Pacific have become major players in geopolitics, and the positionality of India has become more important. The economic competition between China and India has grown, which is one of the reasons why India is looking at Europe with increasing interest, balancing the growing role of China in its economy. Therefore, through this framework, it can be seen that Italy and India’s cooperation is more essential than ever.

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