Capacity-building and mentoring aimed at foreigners' associations

Petra Mezzetti
Supported by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation with a sponsorship by RIDE - The Italian Network for Euro-Mediterranean Dialogue

The CIPMO-CSA project "Migrations, reception, inclusion, co-development. The role of Med-African diasporas", includes a mentoring and tutoring programme for individuals and associations whom attended the innovative training course - "MIGRANT TRAINER" - in autumn 2016, organised by Sunugal, an Italo-Senegalese association operating in the Milan area, aimed at various associations in Milan and surrounding areas, providing and studying in-depth topics such as: planning; finances management; social communication.

The Migrant Tutoring mentoring program strives to:

  • Give concreteness to proposals and project ideas;
  • assisting with an eventual ri-formulation of the proposals;
  • broadening of the scopes;
  • improved definition and evolution;
  • identify financing possibilities;
  • implementing strategies for the strengthening of the organisations' mission and objectives.