CeSPI opens a “new season”

Piero Fassino

CeSPI opens a “new season”

CeSPI, founded in the mid-seventies as a place for the left wing to elaborate international politics topics to become later, in the following decade, an independent Research Institute, is now establishing as one of the main Italian think-tank dedicated to international politics. The last few years have seen CeSPI focusing its core activity on two strategic facets of the global agenda: migration and cooperation, development aid to third countries. In relation to these topics, particular attention has been given to Africa, Mediterranean and Latin America.

An intense activity, which, thanks to the passion and competence of Director Daniele Frigeri, to the quality of our researchers and efficiency of our staff, has enabled CeSPI to: gain recognized expertise; participate to projects launched by Ministries, Parliament, European Union, World Bank; establish profitable collaborations with enterprises, universities, foundations, internationalist institutes, foreign and Italian research centres, NGOs and international associations.

These knowledge assets have inspired us to set in motion a “new season” for CeSPI along three dimensions: consolidate and expand our research activities, starting from the sectors in which the centre has gained recognised expertise; promote programmes for training and international culture; offer analysis and readings of the main dynamics on the international scene.

We will organise the activity in working groups on the main continental scenarios, spanning from the European Union’s prospects to the new approach of the U.S. administration, from Russia and China’s one-upmanship to the role of emerging economies in Asia and Latin America, to the crucial challenges meeting the populations’ destinies in the Mediterranean basin and African continent.

Likewise attention will be given to global challenges: from climate change to the United Nations 2030 Agenda, from the globalization dynamics to migrations, from topics such as peace and security to the role of international institutions, from the intercultural debate to upholding rights and democracy.

In addition, in order to give our effort greater efficacy, we have renewed our communication tools, starting form this new website, which will provide punctual information on CeSPI’s activities.

We will do all of this in the knowledge we are living in a world marked by supranational interdependence. There is no topic relevant to the life of every community that could be adequately addressed solely through national policies. The scenarios are now wider, on continental or global scale, and every nation is called upon to place its destiny into those spaces.

This is even truer of Europe, where no population can shape its future by withdrawing within its national boundaries. Sixty years of European integration have ensured the longest period of peace ever known in the continent, as well as economic and social development that has spread work, wealth and prosperity. The difficulties caused by the recent economic crisis have not nullified those conquests, but they certainly urge us to boost the integration process to higher and more intense levels, building a European identity whereby citizens could identify and feel represented.

All of this requires punctual analysis of the processes engaging the world, adequate elaborations and proposals, awareness of international culture, training of young policy-makers possessed of vision and open-mindedness. This is the space where CeSPI intends to work in, operating every day to promote knowledge of the international reality, its dynamics and submitting proposals for democratic governance.

We are moved by passion, competence, experience and the certainty our effort is supported by those who have at heart a fair and free world.