e-Journal of Economics and Complexity

e-Journal of Economics and Complexity

An Interdisciplinary Journal on Mundialization, Development and Social Changes
About the e-journal

This e-journal adopts a multi-disciplinary approach to development studies, by proposing dfferent and alternative views, perspectives, ideas and analyses on local, national and international development, by highlighting the lessons learned from different experiences, with a focus on social change.

Our goal is to learn from one another, that is a process of mutual learning by strengthening links among members of a community of academic scholars from different countries spread mainly in Africa, Asia and Latin America.

In other terms, we hope to set an example of academic community among African, Asian and Latin American scholars who are interested in being involved in an international dialogue, exchanging ideas and facilitating mutual dissemination of research and its results, creating a forum for them and providing a dedicated publication.

This is a refereed e-journal that is distributed electronically: the primary means of distributing this e-journal is over the internet with the aim of guaranteeing free access to the articles. The e-journal is organized into volumes and issues. Our idea is to publish the bound volume annually or semi-annually. Every issue is devoted to a specic topic, which will take into account the importance of having different perspectives on the subject and reviews, and to regular research articles.

This e-journal is published by the Economics Faculty at the International University of Bac Ha, Vietnam and CeSPI.

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Vol. 2019 Number 1, Summer 2020