Brief and Analyses

Belgrade's EXPO 2027 shining light and shadows

6 December 2023

EXPO 2027 is a global event with the potential to bring economic, cultural, and infrastructural benefits to Serbia. However, the event has also been the subject of controversy, including concerns about financial transparency, the potential impact of a special law for the implementation of the project, and the relocation of the Belgrade Fair.

The policy brief examines these potential benefits and challenges and offers recommendations, which include:

  • Promoting transparency and accountability through independent oversight
  • Conducting cost-benefit analysis
  • Focusing on infrastructure interventions aligned with long-term urban development goals
  • Preserving cultural heritage
  • Prioritizing public consultation for citizen engagement and trust

Serbia must strategically find proactive solutions to overcome the challenges and seize the opportunity of EXPO 2027 to strengthen its leadership role in the Western Balkans and advance on the path towards European integration.